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Running an efficient business means facing unique challenges everyday. While you’re focused on the important aspects of addressing your customer’s needs, our team of professionals remotely monitors your internal office concerns and automates the daily maintenance on your behalf. That means less hassle and stress for you.

Take advantage of our 3 core management solutions;

A team of pros at your service.

Managed Print Services

Print services is our specialty. We’ve been managing fleets of printers for over 40 years and our experts know how to keep all of your machines running at top performance. Our Managed Print Services offer a complete end-to-end solution for maintaining your company’s print capabilities in a hassle-free, completely reliable solution for businesses of every size.

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Managed Supply Inventory

The modern business deals with hundreds of supply stocking concerns on a regular basis — from buying, to restocking, to managing and documenting the available inventory. This is a full time job in many organizations, but with Managed Supply Inventory services from The Data House, you can relax knowing that everything is under control. Discounts on bulk orders, remote inventory management, and transparent communication with your team. Let us make your life easier and your business run more efficiently.

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Managed IT Services

Computers, networking, and all the many hardware concerns that plague the modern office can be brought under control with a custom Managed IT Service partnership with our tech experts. Partner with our IT team to manage and maintain all of your computer and networking needs. Reliable service just a phone call away.

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“As a CIO I was skeptical that The Data House could deliver cost saving as well as improved service over what we were currently doing. Within 90 days I was no longer skeptical. From day one they jumped in and managed our print environment beyond what was promised.”

Michael V., Large Local School District

“The Data House is the best, most responsive technology vendor we have. They retain our business based on value not price.”

Veronica M., National Retail Concern

“When we signed up with The Data House our issues with printers disappeared almost overnight. No more down time, no more end user complaints and best of all my help desk techs could work on projects not printers.”

David C., Commercial Real Estate Developer

“If it’s not being measured, the costs associated with printing can’t be reduced. Since hiring The Data House for our firm’s printing needs, we have seen an average annual savings of $7,000 per year on toner alone. The service value is almost twice that.”

Sandy R., Law Firm

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