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The Data House has maintained a special partnership with the business industry’s most reputable brands and office supply manufacturers for over 40 years, making us a reliable resource for stocking your company’s supply closet. In addition to the great deals we can broker on products and technology, our Managed Supply Inventory service partnership allows our buyers to monitor your supply closet remotely and make sure you’re restocked before you even realize you’ve run out.

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Auto-Supply Fulfillment

Running out of vital supplies can ruin an office workday. That’s why our team will be on top of your inventory every day, restocking and re-ordering supplies as you need them. We eliminate the concern of monitoring and restocking your supplies so you can focus on your growing your business.

The Best Brands in the Industry

In addition to monitoring and managing your inventory, we partner with the leading brands and manufacturers on the market to get you the best deals and the highest quality products.

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