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Office Printers

Despite the move toward Digital documents and communication, the business world still relies on dependable printers and copiers to facilitate work. We’re proud to serve businesses in a variety of industries, helping owners and managers streamline the office equipment footprint. We advise buying new equipment only when cost-justified necessary and getting the most out of what you already have. Ask us how.

Multifunction Printers

Optimize Productivity with Multifunction Printers

To stay competitive in today’s business world, you need to keep productivity as high as possible. This means getting tasks done as soon as you can with little waste and no mistakes.

The Data House has printing equipment to help you work better. Our stock of multifunction printers enables you to print, copy and distribute documents with maximum efficiency. You can accomplish more and pare down your equipment costs and energy usage.

Multifunction Printers Features

Occasionally called all-in-one printers, MFPs have four main features:


You can print dozens of sharp, high-quality pages within minutes. Also, we offer Energy Star-certified devices, which give you outstanding productivity with minimal energy usage.


You can make copies that look as good as—or better than—your original documents.


Our devices enable you to scan your paper documents to various digital formats and locations on your network, including:

  • Email
  • Network Folders
  • JPEG
  • PDF


Once you’ve scanned a document, you can send it via fax as well.

Laser Printers

Get Top-Quality Prints Quickly and Consistently

At The Data House, we pride ourselves on giving customers outstanding equipment. Over the past 40+ years, we’ve seen our clients improve their productivity and raise their bottom lines thanks to our devices.

The Data House carries on this tradition today by offering superior laser printers from manufacturers like HP and Lexmark. These machines will give you first-rate prints at record-breaking speeds. At the same time, they’ll enable you to keep waste and energy usage low.

Laser Printer Features

The Data House’s printers will give you high-quality documents with minimal time and energy wasted. They come with features like

Unbeatable Print Speeds

Some of our available printers have held world records for turnaround times.

Outstanding Print Quality

Our devices don’t sacrifice speed for quality. Their high dpi resolutions will give you consistently vivid colors and crisp text.

Energy-efficient, Environmentally Conscious Designs

The Data House stocks Energy Star-certified printers. These devices are recognized for their high productivity and low power requirements. They’ll allow you to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint effortlessly.

Pagewide Printers

Industry-Leading Pagewide Printer Technology from HP

At The Data House, we pride ourselves on giving our customers top-of-the-line technology. Since we opened in 1970, we’ve made innovation a cornerstone of our business. We work and research diligently to bring you products that will take your workplace to new heights of productivity.

The most perfect example of this is our stock of PageWide printers from HP. Industry experts have hailed this product line as the best printer of all time. With a PageWide device, you’ll get unmatched energy-, supply- and cost-efficiency.

Benefits of PageWide Printers

The numerous benefits of PageWide printers include:

Unbeatable Productivity and Print Quality

Not only do PageWide devices print pages faster than comparable machines, they have higher monthly duty cycles as well. In addition to this, they have fewer printing errors and consistently high image quality.

Minimal Supply and Energy Waste

The toner cartridges of PageWide printers yield approximately twice as many color and black-and-white pages as other devices. They consume significantly less energy too.

Higher Paper Capacities

PageWide printers can also store more than 1,000 sheets at a time, allowing you to print for longer.

Printing Supplies

The printer itself is only step one in maintaining the printing needs of a modern office. That’s why we provide convenient solutions for ordering and managing your team’s printing supplies and technology.

  • Copier Fax & Laser
  • Postage Machine
  • Maintenance Kits
  • Office Machines
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The heart of every modern office is the tools and tech that makes it all work. Browse our full catalog of modern office technology products for great deals from trusted brands. Computer accessories, Audio-Visual equipment, Data Storage, Security systems, and so much more.

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Office Supplies

Most businesses have zero desire to look after refills on their basic office supplies. That’s why we make it easy with a complete catalog of all the necessities, as well as friendly service professionals to help you stay in stock. Whether you’re looking for planners, file folders, presentation displays, or pencils, we’ve got you covered.

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