Keep Your Important Information Protected

For many industries, information security is extremely important. As technological advances have made it easier to produce, distribute and access that information, concerns over protecting sensitive data have only grown.

With The Data House’s Managed Print Services, you can keep your information from falling into the wrong hands. Our Security service enables you to:

  • Increase security directly at your printers
  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network
  • Oversee and manage activity on your entire printing fleet

Details of The Data House’s Security Service

The Data House’s powerful, comprehensive resources make it easy for organizations to meet compliance standards. Our Security service covers:

Device Security

We can help you set restrictions on your devices themselves, including:

  • Authentication requirements for using your multifunction printers
  • Network restrictions to prevent wasting expensive supplies
  • Deletion of all data from your devices’ hard disks

Network Security

You can keep information sent over your network to your devices confidential.

Fleet Monitoring and Management

The Data House can work with you to monitor and manage activity on your printer fleet.