Print Better Wherever You Are

Technological innovations have enabled businesses to get work done in new and exciting ways. Mobile devices and cloud technology, for example, have created great possibilities for increasing productivity both in office and on the go.

Staying up-to-date on technological trends has been a major factor in The Data House’s success over the years. We are proud to offer our Mobile Printing Solution, which allows you to access and print your documents using your iPhones and Android devices. You’ll have the ability to securely produce your information whenever and wherever the need arises.

Benefits of Mobile Printing Solution

The Data House’s Mobile Printing solution is highly effective and easy to use. It gives you the ability to:

Print Wirelessly

You can locate printers on a network and pick a specific device based on its capabilities. You don’t need to worry about cables or print drivers.

Print On the Go

You can retrieve the documents you’ve stored online and print them while you’re away from the office.

Keep Your Information Secure

While you’re printing offsite, The Data House’s Mobile Printing solution ensures that your information stays secure. You can set up authentication requirements before your documents can be printed.