Create the Forms Your Business Needs

Businesses depend on forms in order to get any work done. You need documentation for processing orders, collecting information and much more.

Of course, producing and storing forms can add significantly to your budget. And when you need to make changes to your forms, you may need to throw your old ones out. This creates waste and more expenses.

The Data House can help companies sidestep these problems with ease. Our Forms solution enables you to create, edit and print the documents you need for your business to function.

Features of The Data House’s Forms Solution

The Data House’s powerful Forms solution enables you to:

Create and Customize Forms

Its easy-to-use interface lets you add the details and sections you need for different forms. You can also arrange those details as you want.

Improve Form Production and Distribution Time

You can generate and send invoices and other documents dynamically from data you enter. From there, you can archive or route them via email or fax quickly.

Access Forms from Your PC

Our solution’s intuitive web interface makes it easy for you to collect information from your customers.