Need Help Managing Your Printing Systems?

The Data House offers an end-to-end solution that provides everything your company needs for ongoing control of document output. Simply put, Managed Print Services (MPS) gets to your goal of having the right number of devices, in the right place, doing the right types of jobs, at the right volumes. This gives your organization optimal cost control while improving workflow and productivity.


Leverage Your Printing Fleet with MPS

The Data House stocks printers from leading manufacturers like HP and Lexmark. Our available equipment gives you the first-rate documents you need with minimal waste.

However, having the right devices isn’t quite enough. To keep your office as productive as possible, you need to know how to get the most from your printer fleet. This means:

  • Keeping your devices in good working order
  • Determining the best way to deploy printers throughout your workplace
  • Monitoring and regulating printer usage effectively

The Data House’s Managed Print Services can help you do all of the above and more. With Fleet Management, you can understand and fine-tune your printer usage better than ever before.

Benefits of Fleet Management

More Accurate Printing Info

You’ll have the ability to track how individuals and departments use your printers. This will help give you a sense of which devices will work best for which users. At the same time, it’ll help uncover areas for improvement.

Improved Workflows

Fleet Management enables you to tighten up printing practices in your workplace. You can set up and enforce practices to cut down on wasteful or inefficient printing.

Regular Maintenance & Improvement

The Data House’s technicians can help you maintain your devices. We can also recommend upgrades when appropriate.

Stay Stocked Up on Printer Supplies

When you’re in the middle of your day-to-day activities, you can easily lose track of your printing supplies. When you don’t have enough paper or toner when you need them, it can hamper your workplace’s productivity. It can also lead to frustration among your employees, which could lower your productivity even further.

The Data House’s Managed Print Services can help things run smoothly in your office. Our Auto Supply Fulfillment service will ensure that you stay productive and have supplies whenever you need them.

Benefits of Auto Supply Fulfillment

As part of Auto Supply Fulfillment, The Data House keeps an eye on your supply levels remotely. When we see you’re running low, we’ll replenish your stock. It’s that simple.

Auto Supply Fulfillment ensures that:

  • You have toner and paper available whenever the need arises
  • You don’t spend more on supplies than is absolutely necessary
  • You can focus on more business-crucial, profit-driving tasks

Keep Your Important Information Protected

For many industries, information security is extremely important. As technological advances have made it easier to produce, distribute and access that information, concerns over protecting sensitive data have only grown.

With The Data House’s Managed Print Services, you can keep your information from falling into the wrong hands. Our Security service enables you to:

  • Increase security directly at your printers
  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network
  • Oversee and manage activity on your entire printing fleet

Details of The Data House’s Security Service

The Data House’s powerful, comprehensive resources make it easy for organizations to meet compliance standards. Our Security service covers:

Device Security

We can help you set restrictions on your devices themselves, including:

  • Authentication requirements for using your multifunction printers
  • Network restrictions to prevent wasting expensive supplies
  • Deletion of all data from your devices’ hard disks

Network Security

You can keep information sent over your network to your devices confidential.

Fleet Monitoring and Management

The Data House can work with you to monitor and manage activity on your printer fleet.

Print Better Wherever You Are

Technological innovations have enabled businesses to get work done in new and exciting ways. Mobile devices and cloud technology, for example, have created great possibilities for increasing productivity both in office and on the go.

Staying up-to-date on technological trends has been a major factor in The Data House’s success over the years. We are proud to offer our Mobile Printing Solution, which allows you to access and print your documents using your iPhones and Android devices. You’ll have the ability to securely produce your information whenever and wherever the need arises.

Benefits of Mobile Printing Solution

The Data House’s Mobile Printing solution is highly effective and easy to use. It gives you the ability to:

Print Wirelessly

You can locate printers on a network and pick a specific device based on its capabilities. You don’t need to worry about cables or print drivers.

Print On the Go

You can retrieve the documents you’ve stored online and print them while you’re away from the office.

Keep Your Information Secure

While you’re printing offsite, The Data House’s Mobile Printing solution ensures that your information stays secure. You can set up authentication requirements before your documents can be printed.

Create the Forms Your Business Needs

Businesses depend on forms in order to get any work done. You need documentation for processing orders, collecting information and much more.

Of course, producing and storing forms can add significantly to your budget. And when you need to make changes to your forms, you may need to throw your old ones out. This creates waste and more expenses.

The Data House can help companies sidestep these problems with ease. Our Forms solution enables you to create, edit and print the documents you need for your business to function.

Features of The Data House’s Forms Solution

The Data House’s powerful Forms solution enables you to:

Create and Customize Forms

Its easy-to-use interface lets you add the details and sections you need for different forms. You can also arrange those details as you want.

Improve Form Production and Distribution Time

You can generate and send invoices and other documents dynamically from data you enter. From there, you can archive or route them via email or fax quickly.

Access Forms from Your PC

Our solution’s intuitive web interface makes it easy for you to collect information from your customers.

Process Your Documents Faster with Workflow Solutions

Paper documents can represent a big impediment to efficiency. They can take a long time to process and be difficult to keep organized. To make matters worse, they can come with some serious security risks: It might not take much for a file containing sensitive information to fall into the hands of someone who shouldn’t see it.

The Data House can help take the headaches out of managing your documents. Our Workflow Solutions have enabled companies to scan documents to digital formats quickly and securely. You can streamline your processes and ensure that your information stays protected on your network.

Benefits of Workflow Solutions

The Data House’s Workflow Solutions are easy to deploy and manage. The benefits of using them include:

Accurate Data Capture

You can extract information from your paper documents with unmatched precision. Our solutions come with some of the most accurate OCR technology on the market today.

Enhanced Productivity

Workflow Solutions allow you to complete scan jobs faster. You can process forms and extract data automatically.

Greater Information Security

Our solutions integrate with your company’s IT security processes. You can trust that unauthorized users won’t be able to access your confidential records.

How Does Managed Print Service Work?

Our team is dedicated to understanding how your business functions so we can innovate efficient solutions for your data needs.


MPS from The Data House begins with an in depth discovery of your print environment:

  • Discover current printing imaging devices
  • Map usage and work flow
  • Define functionality of current fleet
  • Map technology needs to maximize productivity
  • Green scorecard to determine efficiency of power usage, duplexing, and other “green” measures throughout the fleet


Next we develop strategic options:

  • Develop a plan based on your current fleet to control costs and improve work-flow
  • Determine the optimal technology mix for your needs
  • Recycle and proper disposal of any high cost, end of life equipment
  • Explore software options that would further help work-flow, productivity and accountability
  • Remotely monitor fleet for supplies and service fulfillment
  • Share impact on Green Scorecard


  • Quarterly, semi-annual or annual reviews to continually evaluate effectiveness of strategy
  • Manager transition and train end users
  • Continue to refine solutions to meet changing and evolving objectives
  • Complete life cycle management for machines, supplies, services, and parts
  • Preventative Maintenance

Then we implement, manage and refine your solutions:

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