Print Policy

Track and Control Printer Usage Better

The Data House takes pride in offering customers highly productive, energy-efficient laser and multifunction printers. However, productivity and waste management ultimately depends on how people use your devices.

Excessive printing can drive up your supply costs. It can also slow down your workflows and put a strain on your equipment, leading to repairs and even more expenses.

The Data House’s Managed Print Services enable you to regulate printer usage throughout your workplace. With our Print Policy solution, you can:

  • Greatly reduce printing waste and related costs
  • Set controls on printing capabilities
  • Improve your office’s efficiency

Benefits of Print Policy Solution

The Data House’s Print Policy solution makes it effortless for you to manage your workplace’s printing practices. The benefits you’ll see include:

  • Greater understanding of printing costs by specific users, departments and devices
  • Better protection for your sensitive info through hold/release queues
  • Increased control over processes by setting conditions for different print jobs
  • Greater tracking of documents through watermarking

More on Managed Print Services

Our Print Policy solution is just one part of MPS. We have a wide range of services to help you manage your documents and your budget better. To learn more, go to the following pages:

For more details on how our Print Policy solution can improve your printing practices, contact The Data House.