Environmental offset Benefits

Environmental offset Benefits

Improving Your Business and the Environment

Nowadays, more and more businesses are becoming aware of the impact they have on the environment. Enhancing productivity and reducing waste doesn’t just improve your bottom line; it makes the world around us more livable as well.

With The Data House’s Managed Print Services, you can save green and go green at the same time. We partner with companies like HP, which has helped lead the way in making office printing more sustainable and environmentally responsible. As a proud GreenSpot member and PrintReleaf partner, we can enable you to reduce both costs and your carbon footprint while keeping productivity high.

Managed Print Services’ Environmental Benefits

The Environmental Protection Agency has found that paper is the biggest source of waste in offices:

  • On average, a single office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year
  • Just one sheet of paper takes 13 oz. of water to make
  • Making a sheet of paper takes 10 times more energy than printing on it does

The energy and supplies needed to operate your printers add to this waste.

By making The Data House your MPS partner, you can benefit both your business and our community as a whole. You can take advantage of:

  • Some of the most energy-efficient printers on the market today
  • Highly productive ink cartridges made from post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Superior recycling programs that have reused more than 2 billion pounds of electronic parts over the past 25 years

PrintReleaf & Reforestation Efforts

The Data House does more than help you cut back on paper and supply waste. We actively help restore our natural resources too.

We are proud to work with PrintReleaf, a company that integrates the efforts of MPS providers with those of organizations setting up reforestation projects around the world. We enable our clients not only to reduce their paper usage but to help pay it back as well.

PrintReleaf uses printer-monitoring software to gather data on customers’ paper consumption. The software has first-rate security, which ensures that no unauthorized users will see any of your information.

At the end of each month, however much paper you’ve used will get added to reforestation projects of your choice. It’s easy and beneficial to your business and the planet.

More on Managed Print Services

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