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Managed Print: The Real Cost of Desktop Printers

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Over the years, we've all come to rely on a desktop printer at one point or another--but nowadays, there are much more powerful and efficient options. Of course, some people still hold on to those desktop models, and that's fine--but if you're one of those people, then it's important for you to know the real cost of desktop printers, and managed print can help.

What Happens Without Managed Print

managed print

When you're researching managed print options, you come across a lot of data about what happens when you do use these solutions. The benefits are pointed out, and it's clear that this is a good decision--but do you ever get to fully understand just how big a difference managed print can make? Today, we'll give you a different perspective by showing you the possibilities that arise without this solution.

Five Reasons Your Business Need a Print Assessment

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When it comes to managed print services, you might often hear that you need a print assessment as a first step. The truth is, even if you are not yet ready to implement managed print in your business, an overall print evaluation is an imperative. Why? Because the first step to improving anything is knowing where you are starting from. Here are a few of the many reasons you should evaluate your current print scenario.

Financial and Environmental Benefits of Managing Your Print Practices

Going paperless is an admirable goal for any business. Unfortunately, it is not always realistic. Reducing your reliance on paper; however, is not only possible, but it is also highly beneficial to your business. According to stats from All Associates Group, only 20 percent of print costs are visible, which means you are paying for hidden expenses. The best way to get a handle on out of control print costs is with managed print services.

How Being Eco-Savvy with Print Can Cut Business Costs

Environmentalism isn’t just a popular trend — it is also a smart business strategy. When companies green their business systems, they are benefitting the planet as well as themselves, as eco-savvy owners know that sustainability is also an excellent cost-saving measure. Managed print services will reduce print waste and curtail excessive spending.

Real-World Cost Savings with Managed Print Programs

Real-World Cost Savings with Managed Print Programs

Regardless of size, all businesses have print needs. And along with those requirements often comes elevated expenses. Print fleets and print services are one of the most expensive areas of many small-to-mid-sized companies. But, they don’t have to be. Managed print services allow businesses of any size or industry the opportunity to organize their print program and cut extraneous costs.


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