HP PageWide

Industry-Leading Printer Technology from HP

At The Data House, we pride ourselves on giving our customers top-of-the-line technology. Since we opened in 1970, we've made innovation a cornerstone of our business. We work and research diligently to bring you products that will take your workplace to new heights of productivity.

The most perfect example of this is our stock of PageWide printers from HP. Industry experts have hailed this product line as the best printer of all time. With a PageWide device, you'll get unmatched energy-, supply- and cost-efficiency.

Benefits of PageWide Printers

The numerous benefits of PageWide printers include:

Unbeatable Productivity and Print Quality

Not only do PageWide devices print pages faster than comparable machines, they have higher monthly duty cycles as well. In addition to this, they have fewer printing errors and consistently high image quality.

Minimal Supply and Energy Waste

The toner cartridges of PageWide printers yield approximately twice as many color and black-and-white pages as other devices. They consume significantly less energy too.

Higher Paper Capacities

PageWide printers can also store more than 1,000 sheets at a time, allowing you to print for longer.

Managed Print Services

To ensure that you get the most from your printers, The Data House offers a diverse set of Managed Print Services. We can help you streamline your processes and protect your sensitive information easier. For more details, go to the following pages:

To purchase or see specs for our PageWide devices, go to Shop Equipment, Supplies and More. If you'd like to ask questions about our HP printers and how they can maximize your productivity, contact us.