Laser Printers

Get Top-Quality Prints Quickly and Consistently

At The Data House, we pride ourselves on giving customers outstanding equipment. Over the past 40+ years, we’ve seen our clients improve their productivity and raise their bottom lines thanks to our devices.

The Data House carries on this tradition today by offering superior laser printers from manufacturers like HP and Lexmark. These machines will give you first-rate prints at record-breaking speeds. At the same time, they’ll enable you to keep waste and energy usage low.

Features of The Data House’s Printers

The Data House’s printers will give you high-quality documents with minimal time and energy wasted. They come with features like:

Unbeatable Print Speeds

Some of our available printers have held world records for turnaround times.

Outstanding Print Quality

Our devices don’t sacrifice speed for quality. Their high dpi resolutions will give you consistently vivid colors and crisp text.

Energy-Efficient, Environmentally Conscious Designs

The Data House stocks Energy Star-certified printers. These devices are recognized for their high productivity and low power requirements. They’ll allow you to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint effortlessly.

Managed Print Services

The Data House doesn’t stop at selling equipment. We also offer a wide range of Managed Print Services to keep your information secure, increase efficiency and more. Check out these pages for more information:

Environmental Offset Benefits

Fleet Management

Auto Supply Fulfillment


Print Policy

Mobile Printing


Workflow Solutions

Ready to buy or see specs on our hardware? Go to Shop Equipment, Supplies and More. If you’d like to discuss how our printers can improve your productivity, contact The Data House.