Information Technology: A Modern-Day Refresher

Ah, technology. Most of us have a love/hate relationship with it—we love when it works, we hate it when it fails us. One of the reasons that the average person gets so frustrated with technology, and, more specifically, information technology, is because they don’t understand it. Since we love IT and are experts in it, we are here to give you a refresher course to help you love tech more, and hate it less. And, once you better understand information technology, the more you will realize just how critical IT services are to the success of your business.

Save Money and Reduce Stress with Managed Print Services

When it is time for a new printer, you can either buy or lease one. And, while there are certainly benefits to both options, buying can be more expensive in the long run. Now, you might be wondering how that is possible. The answer is that managing and maintaining a printer or MFP can be complicated and expensive.

Is the New HP PageWide Ready to Revolutionize Printing?

At The Data House, we are committed to offering our clients the latest in print technology. And right now, that means the new HP PageWide suite of printers—recently released and set to revolutionize office printing.

What’s New with PageWide

Upon the release of their latest family of printers, HP claimed they are a “reinvention at the intersection of speed, quality, and cost.” So, what makes them so unique and how can they help your business?

Top 3 Benefits of Outsourced IT Services

As more and more businesses adopt managed IT services, even more are wondering what these managed services are and how they can help their business. Outsourcing IT services is an effective way to protect your network and save valuable time. As an IT network services provider, we will ensure that all of your systems are working properly by proactively monitoring your network and addressing issues as they arise.

The benefits of IT services from The Data House are numerous as outlined here.

Managed Print: Decrease Costs, Increase Productivity

Businesses of all sizes are always seeking ways to tighten the budget and save money. Especially small to mid-size companies that must save money so that their businesses remain healthy and profitable. What too many businesses don’t realize is just how much of their annual budget print-related costs eat up and how easily that can be culled with the right tools. Enter managed print services.

Reduce Spending and Increase Efficiency with Managed Print Services

As printers and copiers continue to play an evolving role in today’s businesses, we must keep pace by adapting the way we manage this print equipment. And, with all of the new print technology available, along with the network required to run it, managing your print fleet is more complex than ever.

HP Pagewide Will Make You Rethink Inkjet Printers

HP Pagewide

It has long been assumed that laser printers are superior to inkjet printing technology. For example, laser toner cartridges print more sheets and are less wasteful. Also, though they take the time to warm up, laser printers work faster and are more economical in the long run. Ultimately, when it comes to a price to price comparison, laser printers are the better bet.

Features to Consider When Buying An MFP


If your office space is crowded with multiple machines that are all necessary, it may be time to invest in a multi-function printer. Multi-function printers (MFPs) create a central work area for employees while increasing productivity. When looking for an MFP remember if you need to check for certain features.

While an MFP is necessary for your office, it’s the specific functions that will benefit you the most. Here are three functions to consider.


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