Top Ten Copier Questions for Your Business

A woman asking a question in a classroom

Since there is such a wide range of options to choose from when you are buying a new printer or copier, it can be a daunting task for many businesses. Depending on the size and scope of your business, your needs will determine the best copier option for your organization. When the time comes for a new printer or copier, ask these ten questions:

1.How much does the copier cost? While certainly not the only concern, the price is usually a top consideration with such a significant purchase.

  1. Does it copy color or just black-and-white? Color copies will affect your supplies and costs since color requires four toners as opposed to one.

  2. How many copies can it make? Most copier models are designed to handle a maximum number of copies monthly so it is important to know that it can handle your workload.

  3. How much will my supplies cost? When it comes to cost, the purchase price is just one factor; you need to determine the total cost of ownership, which also includes ink, supplies, and maintenance.

  4. How fast is it? If you work in a bustling office, you want your copier to reproduce pages quickly so you can get on with your others tasks.

  5. Can it copy multiple sizes? If you have copy needs beyond that of the standard 8.5x11, make sure you get a device that can handle various sizes, such as legal or poster.

  6. Is it compatible with my network? If not, you should seek out a copier that can be connected easily to your existing network.

  7. What additional features do I need? Do you require a copier that can collate or staple? Do you want to make double-sided copies often? There are copiers that can meet just about every office need.

  8. What type of warranty does it come with? Be sure you know precisely what is and is not covered as well as the cost.

  9. Am I ready to make a decision? If you are, contact us today for assistance.