Smart Tips to Extend the Life of your Printer

No matter how much you maintain it, eventually, you will have to replace your office printer. Your multifunction printer is a workhorse that gets a lot of use. And while you can’t guarantee how long it will last for, you can implement some smart practices that help extend the lifespan of this go-to device.

  1. Supply Quality We know that ink and toner cartridges can be expensive, but this is not the place to skimp. Using low-quality supplies can cause permanent, long-term damage to your MFP, costing you more in the long run and reducing the longevity of your device. Managed print services can assist with saving you money on supplies.

  2. Maintenance Matters Neglecting routine maintenance will reduce the longevity of your printer or MFP. Regular, preventative measures will help avert device breakdowns and frequent parts replacement. Printer maintenance means that all parts are cleaned, inspected, and replaced on a regular basis, sustaining peak print quality and speed. Don’t waste money on costly repairs or premature device replacement; save by preserving the MFP you already have.

  3. Be Observant Even with regular maintenance, sometimes our MFPs act up. If your device starts making strange noises or printing documents with lines on them, don’t ignore it. Accepting quirks is great when it pertains to our friends, but not when it comes to printers. Always report these things to your service provider and determine if a service call is necessary. Better yet, appoint a staff member to serve as the printer contact person to keep track of issues and work directly with your technician.

  4. Be Prepared It is smart to develop a backup plan in case your trusty MFP does break down. Employing a fleet management system will ensure that device downtime does not sabotage your business. It is never a good idea to use a malfunctioning device, so if you are prepared for a setback will save you time and money and reduce stress.

  5. Manage Services Using managed print services is the best way to extend the life of all of your devices, eliminate print waste, and decrease print-related expenses. Get started today!