Save Money with Smart Print Rules

Smart and Happy Woman who is Saving Money

There are those in life who say that rules are meant to be broken; however, when it comes to print management, rules are one of the best ways to save your business money. Setting print rules for your copier or printer can help streamline your workflows and keep your costs down.

Why Rules Matter

Print settings are directly related to how much it costs to print a document. For example, printing in color instead of black-and-white is more expensive. So, if you are sitting at your desk, and the color MFP is closer than the black and white copier, chances are you will use the one that is closer to your workspace. But, with print rules in place—with limited exceptions—employees are obliged to print to the defaulted less expensive option. While it might only be pennies per copy, over time, all of those pennies add up to significant savings.

Setting Parameters

With managed print services, setting print rules for your copier or printer is simpler than ever. But, there are still some secrets to success that will ensure you get the most out of these guidelines. Here are some tips:

  • Communicate First and foremost, it is important to communicate to your employees. The better people understand the premise behind things, the more likely they are to embrace them. Discussing print rules enables your staff to recognize the value in what you are doing and feel like they are part of the process, rather than just feeling like you are imposing rules on them. Plus, letting people know that you are tracking their print activity is often enough to curtail excess. Unfortunately, this important step is too often overlooked when print guidelines are implemented.

  • Default Settings To save money and reduce paper waste, set the default on all printers to duplex print. Printing on both sides of the paper uses less paper, which is better for the environment and your bottomline. You can also set the default for black-and-white and automatically route color and high-volume print jobs to the most economical device option. Designating a specific copier or printer for high-value tasks ensures that smaller jobs aren’t held up.

  • Ask questions When an employee sends a document to color print, set a rule so that an automated message pops up asking them “do you really need/want to print this in color”? Sometimes, we get in the habit of doing things; gentle reminders can help change behavior.

  • Set File Restrictions Place restrictions on certain file types such as PDFs, JPGs, GIFs, etc. so that employees are not abusing the printer by printing their latest vacation photos on your dime. Tracking print habits can also help this type of activity.

As you can see, there are so many options that can help you reduce spending and waste. For help setting printer and copier rules, contact us today.