The Right Way to Buy a Copier

businessman thinking

What is the "right way" to buy a copier? Do you imagine it has something to do with pros and cons lists, hours of looking up ratings and reviews, and enough research to make you a copier expert? Well, although research is important, there's only one right way to buy a copier: choose the right dealer.

The Importance of Dealers

When it comes to buying a new machine for your delicately balanced workflow and existing goals, choosing the dealer is as important as choosing the copier itself. The truth is that you don't want to go into the copier market alone; there are lots of details little enough that you wouldn't notice them, but big enough to make a difference--and you need the expertise of copier experts to be able to navigate all these potential problems and end up with the biggest benefits. In reality, choosing the right copier dealer is like choosing an ally, and luckily, it's easy to spot who's on your side.

A good copier dealer will:

  • have all the right resources. Big, bloated dealers have a lot of resources, but their attention is spread thin. You want an ally who not only has the resources to focus on you and your problems but has the desire to make you a priority.
  • answer all your questions. Have you ever gotten an answer that didn't feel like it even answered the question? Some dealers are like that. The right way to buy a copier involves finding someone who can take all the time required to help you understand the details, from complex questions to simple problems.
  • treat you like an individual. Your company has unique goals and needs, and your copier needs to fit into that existing balance. If a copier dealer doesn't seem interested in offering solutions tailored to fit you, it's time to move on.

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