MFPs in a Digital World

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Going paperless, going digital, going green--these are all just phrases that describe the business world migrating toward streamlined, efficient processes that cut down on waste and make things easier. However, the truth is that no business can go completely paperless. There is still need for physical documents--which means there's still need for multifunction printers.

MFPs Aren't Obsolete

The truth about multifunction printers, or MFPs, is that they're designed to be helpful and necessary even in an increasingly digital world. It seems confusing to work toward a paperless goal by using a printer, but that's the reality: MFPs help you manage efficiency and make the best paper decisions, which means that when you do print, you only have to do it once. They are a perfect combination of physical documents and technological advances, making them an indispensable aspect of today's business landscape.

Still wondering what place MFPs have in the digital world? Here's a quick look!

  1. MFPs help you update old practices and embrace new ones. Bridge the gap between yesterday and tomorrow, and keep using physical documents without fear of incompatibility. These machines communicate seamlessly with document management systems, bringing tried-and-true practices together with digital solutions.
  2. MFPs cut out superfluous machines. Having one machine that does all the work and connects to your tech is much better than having a whole fleet that does a little bit here and there but doesn't connect to anything. Plus, you save time, money, space, and energy (so the environment will thank you).
  3. MFPs keep your documents safe. One of the downsides of the digital world is the vast number of security threats--but MFPs protect your data both online and off. With built-in protection software and options for access management, your documents will be safe whether they're in the cloud or on the printer.

Multifunction printers are a crucial tool for linking paper practices and the digital world. If you're ready to take the plunge, contact us today!