How to Put Copiers and Printers to Work For You


Are you working for your copiers and printers, or are your copiers and printers working for you? The truth is that, too often, inefficient processes and little errors are keeping print environments from reaching their full potential. Luckily, by answering a few simple questions, you can get started putting your copiers and printers to work for you.

What to Ask Yourself

When it comes to your print environment, you need to know how to efficiently use every printer, copier, feature, and function so that you're not wasting money or missing opportunities. Your printing equipment is one of your company's most important assets--but if you're not using everything to its full potential, you might not be reaching your goals.

The good news is that it's not difficult to take control of your copiers and printers. By answering these few simple questions, you'll find out what you need to do to streamline, strengthen, and improve your print environment once and for all.

  1. How often do you print? Different departments in your company need to print different amounts. To put copiers and printers to work for you, it's crucial to understand print habits throughout your company so you can cut out waste.
  2. Who needs to use color? Some departments are going to need color copies and prints, and other departments simply don't. Decide who needs access to this potentially expensive feature.
  3. What are your default settings? If your default settings aren't efficient for your needs, you could be missing opportunities to save time, money, errors, and even the environment.
  4. Is everyone on the same page? (Pun not intended.) Making sure that your employees understand your updated processes and that they are all supporting your printers and copiers rather than doing extra and unnecessary work to keep things running smoothly.

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