Discover the One Print Device that Every Business Needs

Multifunction printers, commonly referred to as MFPs, are the go-to device for every modern office. Not only can you print and copy, but you can also scan and fax. This printer plus can tackle almost any task, so why don’t you have one yet?

Let’s take a look at all of the reasons you should invest in an MFP.

Space Saving

One of the biggest advantages of an MFP is that it takes up much less space than is required for separate devices such as printers, scanners, and copiers. Today’s real estate market is booming, and space is at a premium, so why not downsize to a more affordable office with multitasking tools. Plus, with network technology, multiple employees can use one multifunction device, eliminating extraneous machines and freeing up even more space.

Life Saving

Your MFP can do the work of several devices, helping to improve productivity and enhance workflows across your organization. For example, not that you have the power to scan, you can easily share and store documents in digital format. Not only is digital file storage more convenient, but it is also more secure. Plus, sophisticated features make all sorts of daily tasks more efficient.

Time Saving

With so many combined features in one device, MFPs are a huge time saver. Replacing multiple devices with just one heavy hitter means you only have to worry about security updates, networking, maintenance, and supplies for one printer. This eliminates the need for various ink types and supplies, which not only saves time but also saves you money.

Cost Saving

Speaking of money, one of the biggest benefits of a multifunction printer is the savings. MFPs are proven to be more efficient and cost effective than almost any other printer in the market. These modern marvels also have a longer lifespan than standard printers. Plus, higher toner yield reduces your supply costs as well.

With proven cost savings, enhanced security, and reduced waste, what reason could there possibly be not to get an MFP for your business? Act now and start seeing the benefits.