Copiers, Shredders, Computers: Maintenance for Everything

copier maintenance

Maintenance is a critical part of taking good care of your technology. After all, most of our tech--from our copiers to our computers--is working hard for us day in and day out, and it helps to show a little love in return. As it turns out, proper maintenance is the perfect way to do that.

Maintenance Tips

Everything needs to be taken care of once in awhile, but that's especially true for hardworking computers, shredders, and multifunction devices like copiers or printers. These devices are mission-critical and always need to be in top working order so your company can keep functioning safely and efficiently--but what kind of maintenance is necessary? You don't want to make any mistakes and potentially damage the equipment. The good news is that maintenance is easier than you might think.

Copier Maintenance

Copiers do a lot of work in your company, which means that they also generate a lot of wear and tear. Regular maintenance on these loyal machines includes replacing worn parts, testing motors, updating software, and making sure that the copier and your computers can still communicate.

Computer Maintenance

We all have computers, but do we all know exactly how to take care of them? Well, the good news is that it's not too intensive. Just remember to dust the machine regularly, do a physical inspection to make sure everything's right, and keep up with software updates and virus checks.

Shredder Maintenance

Your paper shredder is crucial to your company's security--and it does a lot of work. That's why it's so important to oil the shredder regularly and remove any leftover debris out of the machine (after the power is off, of course).

Regular maintenance for everything, from copiers to shredders, is critical. To learn more handy tips about the machines you use every day, contact us today!