What Happens Without Managed Print

managed print

When you're researching managed print options, you come across a lot of data about what happens when you do use these solutions. The benefits are pointed out, and it's clear that this is a good decision--but do you ever get to fully understand just how big a difference managed print can make? Today, we'll give you a different perspective by showing you the possibilities that arise without this solution.

A Day Without Managed Print

It's an average day in your company, and everything seems to be going smoothly. Your print environment may not be perfect, and you've probably noticed a place or two where it could be improved, but it's certainly not a huge problem, and it's working well enough for now. No big costs or security issues have arisen. You'd probably think that things are going well--but without the structure and safety of managed print services, problems are growing below the surface that could prove to be catastrophic later.

Without managed print, you're susceptible to more security threats.

On this average day in your company, security threats are everywhere. Two employees noticed a document abandoned on the printer--a document containing confidential information. Someone else accidentally printed too many copies of an important file, so now that data can travel. With managed print, there are solutions like user tracking and permissions that keep these problems from arising.

Without managed print, you can hurt the environment.

You may not notice it, but Mother Earth does. The paper, ink, and energy that you use--maybe too much, but without managed print, you can't be sure--is harming the budget and the environment. If you had managed print, you'd be on your way to sustainability, using recycled consumables and cutting down on unnecessary energy use.

Without managed print, you waste time and money.

The imperfections in your print environment can actually hurt you. Unnecessary prints, using too much color, and poorly managed print permissions mean that you're wasting time and money, maybe without realizing. Managed print can help you identify and eliminate these wasteful habits.

Don't let your company go through a day without managed print. Contact us today!