Five Reasons Your Business Need a Print Assessment

Typewriter Printing out an Evaluation

When it comes to managed print services, you might often hear that you need a print assessment as a first step. The truth is, even if you are not yet ready to implement managed print in your business, an overall print evaluation is an imperative. Why? Because the first step to improving anything is knowing where you are starting from. Here are a few of the many reasons you should evaluate your current print scenario.

  1. It costs more than you think. No matter how often we discuss this, people are still shocked to learn that their print fleet costs more than they realize and it is a common source of wasted money. Taking stock of where you can refine and streamline your fleet is an excellent first step to cutting costs.

  2. Technology evolves fast! Your go-to multifunction printer was probably state-of-the-art when you got it several years ago, but chances are it is no longer the best option for your thriving business. Since technology evolves at a rapid pace, you need to assess all of your devices and look for more efficient, cost-effective options.

  3. You don’t know the scope of your fleet. Perhaps your IT department manages your current fleet of printers, copiers, and other devices. The fact is, that department is also overseeing tons of other technology and security concerns. It is very common for print matters to fall to the bottom of the to-do list. Using a qualified third-party vendor is a smart option for managing your fleet and print services.

  4. You have multiple locations. If your business has expanded to multiple locations, there is a good chance that you lack a centralized print hub or system. Of course, it is great when a business grows, but a mobile workforce or satellite offices can throw a wrench into your print system with various location and different needs. Start by assessing all of your devices across all sites, then implement a [managed print solution] to oversee future expansion.

  5. You are out of sync. If your current print infrastructure does not align properly with you daily needs, then it is time to assess as well as reassess. Print technology should be supporting your business goals, not hindering them. Contact us ( to get started with a managed print evaluation.