Real-World Cost Savings with Managed Print Programs

Real-World Cost Savings with Managed Print Programs

Regardless of size, all businesses have print needs. And along with those requirements often comes elevated expenses. Print fleets and print services are one of the most expensive areas of many small-to-mid-sized companies. But, they don’t have to be. Managed print services allow businesses of any size or industry the opportunity to organize their print program and cut extraneous costs.

When you factor in the resources and security required to managed a print program, most SMBs find that outsourcing to a third party not only saves money, but frees up their limited staff to focus on other business functions.

Measurable Savings

Possibly the most favorable benefit of MPS is the cost saving initiatives, which begin with a comprehensive assessment to determine the total cost of ownership for your entire fleet. Once established, the objective is to reduce any unnecessary print and streamline essential print projects.

Limiting color print, creating responsible default settings, and implementing password-controlled access are just some of the starting points to reducing print waste and the related fees. When your print fleet is properly maintained, you will also save money on device repairs and maintenance, as well as supplies.

Increased Efficiency

Another way that managed print services saves you money is by increasing business efficiency and productivity, primarily by managing many of the administrative issues that burden your in-house staff. We will ensure that you have the right devices for the projects you need to execute, ensure they are properly maintained, and support all of you supply needs. All of this support leads to increased productivity, less downtime, and reduced expenditures.

Heightened Security

Security concerns are one the most pressing issues in business today. And, with managed print services you can increase your document security through various approaches. During your initial assessment, we will highlight network vulnerabilities and recommend steps for safeguarding them. Solutions can be as simple as password protection and pull printing to encryption and network fortification.

In addition to the cost savings, managed print services also helps in various other ways, such as improved workflows and enhanced security measures. During your initial assessment, we will be able to determine which areas of your print program need the most attention and offer you the best tools and approaches to bettering your fleet.

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