Purchase and Lease Options for Your New Multifunction Device

By now you know that a multifunction printer can be one of the best devices in your office. With it, you can print, scan, copy, fax and more all from one high-tech machine, saving floor space and improving productivity. But depending on your budget and specific necessities, you may be unsure whether you should lease or buy a new MFP.

To help you in this endeavor, we have outlined some of the pros and cons of both buying and leasing an MFP to help you determine which is best for your company.

Buying A Printer

Pros include: * Annual cost typically lower than leasing * Good option for long-term use * More straightforward; no need to worry about the fine print of a lease agreement * Smart choice for businesses who have up-front capital to spend Cons include: * Requires large amount of capital at time of purchase * Costs are not set and can very

Leasing an MFP

Pros include: * Lower up-front investment makes it a good option for businesses with limited cash reserves * Access to the most updated equipment and MFP models * Set monthly rate, which can include service agreement costs Cons include: * Long-term lease costs add up and can up end being more expensive * Lease terms can be confusing and vary greatly * Many lease agreements require a buy-out upon termination or termination penalties

As you can see, there are ups and downs to both options. The most important factor in your decision making should be what is the best match for your company at the time of acquisition. If you are a small firm or a startup, a lease is a smart option to get you up and running; however, if you are an established enterprise with plenty of cash, buying outright can be a clean, straightforward transaction. Regardless of your unique situation, we can help you get the perfect MFP for your business and budget.