Five Simple Ways to Reduce Your Print Costs

As shocking as it may seem, many companies do not realize how much they are spending on printing. Wasteful practices and hidden costs can add up quickly, significantly impacting annual spending. If the amount you spend on printing continues to take up more and more of your budget, it is time to consider cost-cutting measures such as managed print services, equipment upgrades, and digital document solutions.

Here are four of the top ways to reduce your print-related expenses, while streamlining practices and improving productivity.

  1. Change Your Default Settings Want to save money on printing? Start with the basics and change your default settings. Choosing duplex or double-sided print reduces paper waste, while black-and-white printing can save money due to the higher cost of color ink. Since color ink is more expensive, reserve it for when it is truly necessary, like client meetings or presentations. Also, many printer models have a draft setting that reduced the DPIs, using less ink for proofs or test pages.

  2. Upgrade Your Equipment Consider updating older, worn down printers with modern multifunction devices. Although the up-front costs might be higher, the ability to complete multiple jobs from one printer and the energy efficiency can result in significant savings. Outdated models waste energy, are much less efficient, require regular maintenance and repairs, and are often incompatible with newer technologies, such as wireless access and cloud-based storage. Plus, you have multiple devices across different offices, consolidating and upgrading them is a great way to save money and streamline your print practices.

  3. Rules and Permission Want to cut costs? Reduce the overall amount of printing your organization does. The less you print, the more you save—and rules and restrictions can help facilitate this. Plus, print permissions help you track who is printing, how much you are producing, and what devices are being used most often. Requiring passwords reduces the amount that employees print and the number of unclaimed pages left on the printer. Some MFP models allow advanced rule-setting to further curtail wasteful practices.

  4. Managed Print Services Managing the overall function of your print program—from your fleet of devices to your supplies and maintenance—is the most comprehensive way to curtail print expenses. Managed print services ease the strain on your budget and your staff. As your managed print partner, we can help with workflow solutions, supply management, security, service and support, and more.

  5. Research Learn even more ways to eliminate extraneous spending by answering these 15 questions about your print practices.