Managed Print: Decrease Costs, Increase Productivity

Businesses of all sizes are always seeking ways to tighten the budget and save money. Especially small to mid-size companies that must save money so that their businesses remain healthy and profitable. What too many businesses don’t realize is just how much of their annual budget print-related costs eat up and how easily that can be culled with the right tools. Enter managed print services.

Management and Oversight

When it comes to saving money with print management, the first step is a comprehensive assessment of your current print program, including equipment and supplies. Determining what does and does not work within your current system allows us to suggest and implement upgrades that to maximize your print solutions. Once a revitalized program is in place, we will continue and manage your printers, copiers, and MFPs as well as administer the service and supplies for all of these devices.

Maximize Savings

As mentioned above, most businesses don’t realize just how much of their budget is being eaten up by document printing and copying. The good news is that with print management you can get a handle on these costs and reduce extraneous spending.

Once we identify hidden costs, we will pinpoint ways to help eliminate them. Printers and copiers are complex machines. Not only do they require particular supplies, but they must also be maintained to prevent costly downtime. With MPS, we can identify possible issues and address them before they become problems. With our oversight, your systems will run smoothly and efficiently, allowing your staff to focus no business strategy, not print concerns.

Organization-Wide Benefits

While cost management and savings are certainly at the top of the list, print management provides businesses with solutions that yield benefits across the entire organization, including * Security and IT assistance * Workflow solutions * Fleet monitoring and management

If you are ready to reduce your print-related cost and improve the overall functionality of your small- to mid-sized business, then it is time to learn more about, managed print services from Hilyard’s.