Features to Consider When Buying An MFP


If your office space is crowded with multiple machines that are all necessary, it may be time to invest in a multi-function printer. Multi-function printers (MFPs) create a central work area for employees while increasing productivity. When looking for an MFP remember if you need to check for certain features.

While an MFP is necessary for your office, it’s the specific functions that will benefit you the most. Here are three functions to consider.

1. Will you need to be able to fax?

The primary functions of MFPs are to print, copy, and scan. If you are seeking a fax, you will need to make that a central point of your search as not all MFPs include the ability to fax.

2. How would you like to connect to the MFP?

Be aware of what type of connectivity you are looking for. Three types of connectivity are wifi, ethernet, and USB. Keep in mind that not all MFPs will have all three. Do you want your employees to be able to connect from their private offices over wifi or are you looking to connect with a USB?

3. Laser toner or Inkjet Printer?

Lastly, you can weigh the pros and cons of a laser toner versus an inkjet printer. How much does it cost to purchase and how much will ink cartridges cost the company each year? Laser toner cartridges tend to last longer than inkjet printer cartridges. Another thing to consider is the speed of printing if your office needs things very quickly and on the fly, the speed of printing is a huge factor. Laser toner printers are faster but take longer to warm up.

An MFP is an asset to any office if you purchase based on what features you will utilize the most. We can help with your purchasing needs, call us today.