Reduce Spending and Increase Efficiency with Managed Print Services

As printers and copiers continue to play an evolving role in today’s businesses, we must keep pace by adapting the way we manage this print equipment. And, with all of the new print technology available, along with the network required to run it, managing your print fleet is more complex than ever.

Why not reduce the burden on your in-house staff and outsource some of that responsibility with managed print services? With MPS from The Data House, you will get a partner who excels in client service and tech infrastructure.

When to Seek Help

Are you considering managed print but not sure if you really need it? Maybe your business is doing well with the current network security, and you don’t want to increase expenses. Whatever your present situation, take a look at the following concerns. Your responses to these points can illuminate the need for managed print services.

  • Significant Costs Did you know that your print costs can equal as much as seven percent of your annual revenue? If you are one of the savvy business owners who would love to lower that number, then managed print services can help. An initial assessment can help get you on the right track to optimizing your print fleet and reducing expenses.

  • Performance Issues Does your business struggle with printer downtime? Not only is this frustrating, but it also wastes time and money. With The Data House as your print management partner, you don’t have to worry since we continuously monitor all of your equipment, track supply needs, and handle general maintenance. When you proactively monitor your print network, you can prevent problems before they occur.

  • Decreased Productivity The first step of any managed print program is a thorough assessment. This initial evaluation will determine how well your current program is meeting your needs and highlight areas for improvement. By pinpointing less-than-effective areas, you can increase overall workplace productivity by plugging those holes. Optimizing workflows will also free up burdened staff, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. Also, if your staff lacks the expertise to manage your print fleet, we can help train key employees to fill the void.

In short, print management is an excellent way for your business to get a handle on the wide range of print equipment you are using. By streamlining your print program, you will experience increased efficiency and cost savings throughout your organization.

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