Protect Your Business with an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

What do IT services have to do with disaster management? More than you might realize. While you are focusing on the latest tech advancements, don’t forget the most basic of security protocols. Disaster recovery is one of the most critical components of any network security plan, yet people often take it for granted. When you think about preparedness, file backups and security probably come to mind first, but how prepared are you in the event of a disaster? Be sure you are ready.

Disasters Defined

Disaster preparedness means being ready for anything, including hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, and fires. Backing up your files to a server won’t do much good if your entire office is decimated by a natural disaster. Your disaster recovery should include off-site and cloud-based storage solutions to ensure that you can retrieve information in minutes, not face business-busting downtime.


Mother nature is not the only enemy; hackers and cyber criminals are also lurking threats to your business. If you are not concerned about acts of God (although, you should be), you should still be ready to recover from a data disaster. Sadly, many data breaches occur from inside the organization, due to negligence, carelessness, or lack of education. Protecting against these cracks in your network is not enough, you must have a plan in place so that you can bounce back from information hack. Lack of secure IT services can put even an established company out of business.

Crunching the Numbers

One of the leading misconceptions about disaster recovery is that it is cost-prohibitive. In fact, the opposite is true—many companies who experience a disaster never recover financially. The Association of Records Managers and Administrators reports that more than more than 60 percent of companies who face a major disaster close within two years! This proves that budgeting funds toward DR is money well-spent, especially in light of the alternative.

The reality is that for many businesses can rely on simple solutions—such as cloud-based backup, remote monitoring, and document management—to guarantee the protection of their data. When it comes to IT services(, we can ensure that you are fully protected with setup, support, monitoring, antivirus protection, and more. Be ready for a natural or man-made disaster and have a comprehensive recovery plan in place before it is too late. Get started today!.