Multifunction Devices Meet the Need for Mobile Print

Multifunction printers are pretty amazing. They allow you to print nearly any kind of document that you need to, plus they enable you to copy and scan from the same machine. Seriously, pretty great, right? Well, things are about to get even better, because MFPs are just that awesome.

Mobile Print Needs

What is sitting on your desk right now besides your computer and a cup of coffee? Most likely it's some type of mobile device, probably a smartphone. And, if you have the device on your desk there is a good chance that you use for work as well as personal communication. And, what happens when you have an item on your phone that you need to print or share? Well, with the right protocols in place, you can securely print right from your mobile device to your office multifunction printer.

Off-Site, On Target

Whether you work in the office full-time, travel for work or telecommute, you rely on mobile technology to keep you connected and productive. Have you even had a document on your phone or tablet that you needed to print, but could not? Most likely you had to you had to email it to yourself, open it on your computer, and then print it. Obviously, this is not the most time-effective approach.

The good news is that this problem can easily be solved. With software and support from The Data House, you can enable your employees to print remotely from a mobile device to your office MFP.

Maximize Business Machines

As our business needs continue to evolve, so too does technology continue to advance. With all of this growth, it can be challenging to keep track of everything that our printers can do and how to get the most out of these indispensable tools. There was a time when mobile printing was just a dream. But today, with the proper network security, you can maximize your MFP and print from any smart device.

So, now that you know just how awesome your multifunction device can be are you ready to take the next step? If so, contact us for more information.