Managed Print Finds Invisible Costs

hidden cost revealed

Your print environment is a huge part of everything you do on a daily basis, but is it actually an anchor dragging your budget down? The truth might surprise you. Luckily, with managed print tips and a few good practices, you can find and manage these invisible costs.

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Although today's technology allows print environments to be more efficient than ever, demanding less and less constant attention from the IT department, it's still possible for excess costs to slip through the defenses unnoticed. That's where managed print services comes in. With the right tools and the right expertise, it's easier than ever to identify weak spots in your print environment, cut down on costs you might not even realize are draining your budget, and boost efficiency all at the same time.

So how can managed print practices help you see costs that were invisible up until this point? It's all about analyzing your existing print environment and knowing what to look for and what to do. For example, managed print services can help you identify and cut costs on:

  • supplies and consumables, which can add up over time and quickly end up more expensive than you realize,
  • unnecessary prints, a big problem for your budget, your workflow, and the environment,
  • replacement practices, like buying the cheapest printer instead of the best printer for your company's unique needs,
  • inefficiencies, like improper machine placement, incorrect types of paper being used, and more,
  • energy use, which you might not even notice on older machines, but can easily be solved with advanced devices that boost efficiency while cutting down on unnecessary energy use,
  • and everyday problems, like repairs or usage questions, which can be responsible for a lot of wasted time and money.

Don't let these invisible costs drag your budget down. For help taking the first step toward managed print, contact us today!