Lower Your Print Costs Just by Answering 15 Questions

If your business is looking to save money, the first place to look is your print services. Although it may sound shocking, a surprising number of businesses don’t realize how much they are spending on print costs. And, we are not just talking about small companies or start-ups; large, successful corporations often waste money on print expenses without realizing it. Regardless of your business size, managed print services can help you assess and rein in your expenses.

The following questions will help you determine your print goals, assess your current print program, and pave the way for implementing managed print services:

  1. What are your long- and short-term goals for managing your print technology?
  2. Do you have the structure in place to support these goals?
  3. What challenges (if any) are hindering you achieving these goals? Examples include lack of knowledge, resources, funding, etc.
  4. What are your current print management initiatives? How well are you enforcing them?
  5. How many print devices is your IT team currently supporting?
  6. How many employees (on- and off-site) use these devices?
  7. Are employees able to mobile print? Do you have the proper framework in place to support mobile print?
  8. Who (if anyone) is in charge of managing and overseeing your printers and copiers?
  9. Do you have any form of print management currently in place? Even an informal initiative can be a helpful starting point.
  10. How does this current plan align with your overall organizational goals?
  11. Where are all of your devices located? Are your copiers and printers accurately mapped out within your office?
  12. How many vendors are supporting your technology? Start by making a list of all third parties and their responsibilities.
  13. Do you outsource any print projects? Why and how much do you spend on outsourcing?
  14. What do you think you are currently spending on your print fleet—including devices, software, supplies, and service contracts?
  15. Would you like to be able to lower those expenditures while improving your print workflows?

Once you have reviewed and answered these questions, it is time to take the next step in reducing costs and improving management. Contact The Data House and learn how managed print services can change the way you do business.