Information Technology: A Modern-Day Refresher

Ah, technology. Most of us have a love/hate relationship with it—we love when it works, we hate it when it fails us. One of the reasons that the average person gets so frustrated with technology, and, more specifically, information technology, is because they don’t understand it. Since we love IT and are experts in it, we are here to give you a refresher course to help you love tech more, and hate it less. And, once you better understand information technology, the more you will realize just how critical IT services are to the success of your business.

Technology 101

So, let’s start with what technology is. Technology is considered a combination of digital data and mechanical equipment. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes and the equipment and machinery developed from such knowledge. Think in simple terms such as your cell phone: it is a piece of mechanical (physical) equipment that processes digital data. When put that way, it does not seem so obscure.

Technology 201

So, next lesson: what is information technology? Information Technology (IT) is the study or use of systems, such as computers and other telecommunications devices, to store, retrieve, and send data, also referred to as information. As computer technology continues to evolve, IT developed as a subset of what once referred to as information and communication technology.

So, IT services are services provided to individual or businesses to support their technology and the dissemination and security of their information (data).

What IT Means to You

So, if you are a business owner or manager, you probably rely on technology all day long without really thinking about what it means and how it works. And that is OK because there are experts in the field of IT who can handle all of that for you. We know technology can be confounding—especially when it isn’t working the way you expect.

At The Data House, we focus on providing simple, real-world solutions for your hardware, software, and networks. We don’t just sell you cutting-edge products and wish you well. We work with our clients to solve all of their IT issues, efficiently and effectively. Our role is to support your data so that you can reach your goals without worrying about network support, system updates, remote monitoring, and security threats.

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