Financial and Environmental Benefits of Managing Your Print Practices

Going paperless is an admirable goal for any business. Unfortunately, it is not always realistic. Reducing your reliance on paper; however, is not only possible, but it is also highly beneficial to your business. According to stats from All Associates Group, only 20 percent of print costs are visible, which means you are paying for hidden expenses. The best way to get a handle on out of control print costs is with managed print services.

Cutting Costs

If you are like most businesses—unaware of your real print costs and related wasted resources— managed print services can help you on myriad levels. By assessing your current print activities, we can determine exactly what and where you are spending. Moreover, we will design a print solution to help cut costs, reduce inefficiencies, and eliminate waste. We will also continue to monitor your activity and spending to ensure you are staying on target and reaching your goals.

Improving Productivity

When we handle your managed print services for you, it frees up valuable staff time, enabling them to focus on other business-critical tasks and assignments. Plus, ensuring that your print equipment is running at optimum levels reduces downtime, which is costly as well as frustrating. Consistent workflows lead to overall enhanced productivity.

Enhancing Sustainability

While you might not be able to eliminate paper from your business practices, every bit you can do to reduce your reliance on it helps the environment as well as your bottomline. The first step is recognizing your impact on the environment. The next is putting reduction protocols in place to cut paper usage and energy consumption, in turn, decreasing print-related expenses.

Beyond the financial and environmental benefits, managed print services will also heighten the security of your documents by protecting your business-sensitive data. Contact us for more information on how to take advantage of these print benefits.