Copier Considerations—What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Has constant use finally caught up with the office copier? When it is time for a new printer or copier, there is a lot to take into consideration. Budget, performance, expectations, and maintenance requirements are just some of the many factors to evaluate. Here are some items to take into consideration once you are ready for a new device.

Everyday Needs

The first step is determining your needs—what type of copier do you require to complete daily business tasks. Are you printing mostly text documents such as invoices or receipts, or do you also require graphic-heavy color prints?

Printers and copiers are available as either inkjet or laser, with pros and cons of both. Although inkjets tend to produce at a slower speed, they are a great option for small businesses who don’t need color copies. On the other hand, laser-based devices can quickly and easily handle large print runs.

Extra Features

Once you establish your baseline needs, you can explore the wide range of extra features available to make your business run smoother and more effectively. For example, if you do more than just copy and print, consider a multifunction device which enables you to do both as well as fax and scan. If you rarely use those features, you can save money by selecting a basic model.

Price Point

When leasing or buying a new office copier, be sure to factor in the overall costs, not just the number on the price tag. The costs of maintenance, service and supplies can rapidly add up and surprise you, so make sure you have a big picture view of your budget and cost concerns. If you are on a tight budget, look for an option that prints out the most pages possible per ink cartridge. And, don’t forget to explore warranty protection options.

Regardless of your final decision, be sure to take a thorough look at all of the available options and determine which is the best match for your business needs and budget. It may sound cliché, but there is a copier option for every situation, and we can help you find your perfect match.