How Being Eco-Savvy with Print Can Cut Business Costs

Environmentalism isn’t just a popular trend — it is also a smart business strategy. When companies green their business systems, they are benefitting the planet as well as themselves, as eco-savvy owners know that sustainability is also an excellent cost-saving measure. Managed print services will reduce print waste and curtail excessive spending.

Copy Considerations—What to Consider Before You Commit

There are a lot of considerations when your business needs a new copier. While the first thing many companies worry about is cost, there are additional important factors to take under advisement. Even if you acquired a new device in the last few years, things change rapidly in the tech and business sectors. So, it is always a good idea to review a checklist before you commit.

Real-World Cost Savings with Managed Print Programs

Real-World Cost Savings with Managed Print Programs

Regardless of size, all businesses have print needs. And along with those requirements often comes elevated expenses. Print fleets and print services are one of the most expensive areas of many small-to-mid-sized companies. But, they don’t have to be. Managed print services allow businesses of any size or industry the opportunity to organize their print program and cut extraneous costs.

Purchase and Lease Options for Your New Multifunction Device

By now you know that a multifunction printer can be one of the best devices in your office. With it, you can print, scan, copy, fax and more all from one high-tech machine, saving floor space and improving productivity. But depending on your budget and specific necessities, you may be unsure whether you should lease or buy a new MFP.

Preventing Attacks Through Email Security Vigilance

Email is so ingrained in our way of life it is difficult to remember what it was like to do business before that was the case. Companies run on email—we could not function in today’s professional environment without it. And, while IT services and security have made enormous strides, we still have to be vigilant about spam, viruses, and malware.

Five Simple Ways to Reduce Your Print Costs

As shocking as it may seem, many companies do not realize how much they are spending on printing. Wasteful practices and hidden costs can add up quickly, significantly impacting annual spending. If the amount you spend on printing continues to take up more and more of your budget, it is time to consider cost-cutting measures such as managed print services, equipment upgrades, and digital document solutions.

Here are four of the top ways to reduce your print-related expenses, while streamlining practices and improving productivity.


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