MFPs vs Standalone Copiers


By now, you've probably heard some part of the debate over multifunction printers versus standalone copiers. Both types of machines have their devoted fans--but what's the truth when it comes to the most important comparisons? Today, we'll take a closer look.

Protecting IT During a Disaster

be prepared

IT services exist to protect one of the most important parts of your company: your technology. However, during a disaster, managed IT going to be enough to save everything--you need to know how to implement the plans that you created and perfected with the help of IT services. That's why it's good to do a little homework before disaster strikes.

Managed Print: The Real Cost of Desktop Printers

desktop printer

Over the years, we've all come to rely on a desktop printer at one point or another--but nowadays, there are much more powerful and efficient options. Of course, some people still hold on to those desktop models, and that's fine--but if you're one of those people, then it's important for you to know the real cost of desktop printers, and managed print can help.

The Power of an MFP


By now, you've probably heard of multifunction printers--or MFPs. But do you know the real power that these machines have? Do you know all the widespread advantages that an MFP could provide? Today, we'll take a look at what multifunction printers can really do.


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